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ACUDE´s Educar Forestando is a program through which children learn to take care of the environment by seeding and planting trees. The children with their teachers and parents create tree nurseries of 1 x 2 meters together in kindergartens, primary, secondary, and special schools. The trees are looked after together with the whole community. Through this process the children, as well as their families and neighbors, experience a positive change of attitude towards the environment in a short time.

Argentina is struggling with lack of environmental awareness, which has led to severe problems. The consequences are reflected to the society and cause severe social problems. The misuse and mismanagement of natural resources generates increasing impoverishment, not only in biodiversity, but also in people. People’s attitudes towards the environment are initially created in childhood. By educating future parents and decision-makers, ACUDE wants to counteract the depletion of natural resources, decrease of biodiversity, misuse of energy and water, and global warming. When a child plants a tree seed, it becomes a part of him/her. Therefore, every child who takes care of trees brings new hope for the planet. Educar Forestando creates responsible future leaders. Some of the people who took part in the program in the 1990’s, are currently solving environmental and community issues.

ACUDE runs a growing network of teachers, who are the key in developing and strengthening the connection between children and nature. Teachers are supported by giving them free textbooks, posters, and booklets for children, and advice, but most importantly, they receive mental and spiritual support by ACUDE and the network. The idea is that the teachers trained will transmit their knowledge on to other teachers. ACUDE is also building an online platform in order to reach ever more teachers.

Over the past 27 years (¡twenty seven!) more than 220,600 children have planted trees with ACUDE, 513,345 trees have been produced and 202,941 of them have been planted collectively. Over a 1,000 schools from more than 500 cities and rural communities have participated in the program.

In 2016 the numbers of the Network were: 12,702 children involved, 552 teachers that worked in a voluntary way in 208 educative institutions (primary schools, kindergartens, special and secondary schools), located in 112 cities, towns and rural communities. And 13,254 mommies, daddies, grandparents, brothers and sisters, collaborated in the tasks.

These 12,702 children with his/her teachers and relatives planted and produced ¡12,500 little trees!

Your donation will help us expand even more, raise environmental awareness and fight against climate change.

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Fundación Ambiente, Cultura y Desarrollo


La Fundación ACUDE lleva adelante el Programa Educar Forestando y la Red Educar Forestando. La idea es simple: los niños aprenden a cuidar el ambiente produciendo y plantando árboles desde las escuelas. Desde 1990 hemos involucrado a más 220.600 niños en más de 1.000 escuelas, que produjeron más de 500.000 árboles.
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