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Adopt Troff and support the Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas (Whale Conservation Institute) to continue with the Southern Right Whale Research and Conservation Program in Argentina.

Through the Southern Right Whale Adoption Program you can join us and help us to protect whales and the oceans. By adopting a whale, you will receive the Adoption Kit with your Adoption Certificate and her Biography along with a lot of information about the Southern Right Whale so yo can learn about their behavior and be part of their fascinating lives, you will get updates of our most recent research projects, and most important of all, you will be providing funds that contribute to the conservation of this magnificent species. 

With Credit Cards issued outside of Argentina we can only make the Debit as an Annual donation. All donation categories include shipping of the Adoption Kit. If you wish to know the amount of the donation in your currency you can calculate it here

If you prefer to contact us directly mail to: 
Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas 
5411 - 4701-8891
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas


Nuestra Visión: "Océanos sanos y un mundo libre de amenazas e impactos humanos negativos para las ballenas".
Nuestra Misión: "Conservar a las ballenas y su medio ambiente a través de la investigación y la educación".

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